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Terminator – Genisys (2015)

Terminator Genisys

Terminator: Genisys (2015)


The Terminator franchise got another shot in the arm with @Terminator: Genisys this year. Arnold Schwarzeneggar is back as the cyborg with a semi-soul like in the Terminator: Judgement Day movie. In fact, with all of the time changes and crazy timelines in the Terminator movies, I believe that cyborg is the same one in this movie. The T-1000 has now been given a name; “Pops”. Pops is a friend of Sarah Conner who everyone knows from the original Terminator movies becomes the mother of the resistance against Goog…er, um…Skynet. #Skynet is the company that raises cybernetics to the point where the machines eventually protect itself against the humans and destroys most of the planet. In the Genisys timeline, John Conner is seen sending Kyle Reese into the year 1984 to prevent history from starting all over again after another Terminator is sent back. This is the setup for the original James Cameron film. But this time…it’s different.

With a timeline slightly altered due to what Kyle sees while being teleported back, he’s sent to 1984 and does everything the original Kyle Reese does in the original Terminator movie except this time, he’s faced with a T-2000 instead of the Arnold Schwarzeneggar version. Why? Because the Arnie version is a younger looking version of Pops. Yes, they CGI backdated Arnold into a damn near exact duplicate. This one gets infiltrated by Pops so now the Terminator timeline is reset. Kyle meets up with Khaleesi aka Sarah Conner and the T-2000 is after them. It’s a wild ride from that point on that leads you on police chases, the brothas who create Genisys (the new name for Skynet), the Golden Gate bridge, Uber-John Conner, and more.

It’s hard to get the timeline right in this movie so you have to suspend belief. The CGI was great and the storyline is decent. It’s a cashcow at this point and doesn’t focus on the reality of Skynet aka Genisys. There are good explosions, 2 time jumps, and Pops gets down to business several times in this movie. It’s a good time for all and even kids could see it and get lost in the story line like I did. But whatever….it was an easy way to spend $10 and a couple of hours.