The Zodiac


The Synopsis

In underground hip-hop, The Zodiac has been around since the 90s when his college buddies challenged him to show off his skills. Back then, his style was evolving and getting more and more complex with more and more words thrown in. He had a fast flow that was hard to miss on first listen, but once you got it, his lyrics had a different meaning. This combo has been the Zodiac’s weapon against the lost art of hip-hop, where emcees used to challenge each other with razor-sharp rhymes. That’s in stark contrast to the watered-down versions now, which rely on a lot of n-words, basic words, catchy rhymes, and a really heavy bassline.

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Below, you’ll find some of the newest music from The Zodiac. We’ve got more coming soon, so keep an eye out for release dates! Plus, you can buy or listen to their music on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and other streaming services

Leave 'Em In The Dust - The Zodiac f. Shauno

This song and video features the late, great Shauno (Rest in Peace). t’s set in Phoenix, Arizona, and it’s all about the world coming to an end. The two of them are trading bars over a track produced by Zodiac. Check it out if you want to get your hands on it!

Purchase this song from the release, “ZODIOLOGIST


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