Zetacide Vol. 2: Hear No Evil (2011)

Posted by The Zodiac | | Saturday 30 July 2011 5:08 pm

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Zetacide Vol. 2: Hear No Evil (2011)

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Starting in November of 2009, The Zodiac embarked on a year-long recording session by writing, producing, and recording one song per week (typically on Sundays) for one year. This resulted in 52 songs plus one remix for a total of 53 songs. Vowing to uphold the honor of hip-hop music, The Zodiac will keep his end up by offering all 4 Zetacides 1-4 to be free downloads.

1 Full Scale Attack
2 Mister Mister Ouija
3 Biggest Mistake In Your Life
4 Preparing To Die
5 C’mon
6 The Z’Omen
7 Arizona
8 Can I Get A Witness (produced by Doc Cause)
9 Hell On Earth
10 You’ll Know My Name (produced by ENT Beatz)
11 Face The Rhyme (feat. Shauno)
12 First To Go Last
13 Intimidation Through Rhyme

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