Zeta Omicron Delta (2004)

Posted by The Zodiac | | Friday 17 September 2010 11:46 pm

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Zeta Omicron Delta (2004)

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The Zodiac derived from a slight fascination with a particular serial killer. Out of that fascination led to a persona that would hunt down weak rappers, pop artists, and those out to destroy REAL hip-hop. This persona is recorded into many songs and perfected into a craft. It seems that people seem to respond to The Zodiac’s sound despite the fact he doesn’t use all of those usual “Rap Buzzwords” that seems to come out of the Rapper Dictionary.
1 Zodiac Anthem
2 Go Zodi Go
3 Spit Tactics
4 Crazy Muthaf#@a
5 Who’s A Zodiac? Pt. 1
6 Secret
7 Increase & Release
8 Son of Maxine
9 Who What Where When How N.Y.
10 I Don’t Give A Fu#@
11 Love To Bleed
12 Sin
13 Numbers Game
14 Every Time You Wait
15 Who Is That?
16 The Flower
17 Get Outta Here
18 Serial Skills
19 Terrible Influence
20 Buried Alive

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