Survival Scrolls (2008)

Posted by The Zodiac | | Friday 17 September 2010 11:45 pm

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Survival Scrolls (2008)

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This is a time for change. Not just in the political arena, but in entertainment as well. After a decade of decaying hip-hop music, someone has to say “enough”. Enter The Zodiac and his new release, Survival Scrolls. Change has finally come to your MP3 and CD players in the form of 18 well-produced, lyrically-insightful, and dominating tracks sure to enlighten the most hungry and avid hip-hop listener.
1 Intro feat. Manchild
2 Deeper
3 Cloud 9
4 Sixense MMXIII
5 Don’t Put Me In The Ground
6 Rewind This
8 Alone
9 We Promise You A Brighter Future
10 Will & Testament
11 Innocent Bystander
12 Rush
13 Rewind This (ZetaOm RMX)
14 The Zodiac Code (5 Senses)
15 Your Hidden Destiny
16 I Hate What I Saw
17 Outro feat. Manchild
18 ZO-DI-AC (Bunny Remix)

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