Sides of a Gemini (2002)

Posted by The Zodiac | | Thursday 16 February 2017 1:41 am

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Sides of a Gemini (2002)

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Recorded while in Brooklyn, NY and inspired by the things seen from the New Jersey native, The Zodiac belted out 20 tracks while producing most of this album. The album opens up with the Zodiac Killer-inspired “The Zodiac Anthem” which details the elusive killer’s murder spree and interweaves it into The Zodiac’s own verbal skills.

This album is a must-have for Zodiac collectors and marked the first time The Zodiac packaged his album on a professional scale. There’s nothing on this album that the listener can’t relate to.

1 The Zodiac Anthem
2 Go Zodi Go
3 Spit Tactics
4 Crazy Mothafucka
5 Who’s A Zodiac?
6 Secret
7 Increase & Release
8 Son of Maxine
9 Who, What, Where, When, How N.Y.
10 I Don’t Give A Fuck
11 Love To Bleed
12 Sin
13 Numbers Game
14 Every Time You Wait
15 Who Is That?
16 The Flower
17 Get Outta Here
18 Serial Skills
19 Terrible Influence
20 Buried Alive

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