Posted by The Zodiac | | Friday 17 September 2010 7:36 am
ZODIOLOGIST delivers to you what hip-hop has been missing for years…style, lyrical-structure, and head-nodding beats that cross various genres of music yet stays to the root of hip-hop. With guest production by soce the elemental wizard and collaborations with Shauno Brigante and Ché Broadway, ZODIOLOGIST will ring in the New Year louder than usual!
Survival Scrolls
This is a time for change. Not just in the political arena, but in entertainment as well. After a decade of decaying hip-hop music, someone has to say “enough”. Enter The Zodiac and his new release, Survival Scrolls. Change has finally come to your MP3 and CD players in the form of 18 well-produced, lyrically-insightful, and dominating tracks sure to enlighten the most hungry and avid hip-hop listener.
In a time when hip-hop has crossed the lines into pop, a few tend to keep it’s origins alive to stimulate the human mind. An elite few within that group can do it without losing oneself. The Zodiac falls into that category.
Zeta Omicron Delta
The Zodiac derived from a slight fascination with a particular serial killer. Out of that fascination led to a persona that would hunt down weak rappers, pop artists, and those out to destroy REAL hip-hop. This persona is recorded into many songs and perfected into a craft. It seems that people seem to respond to The Zodiac‚Äö√Ñ√¥s sound despite the fact he doesn‚Äö√Ñ√¥t use all of those usual “Rap Buzzwords” that seems to come out of the Rapper Dictionary.

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