Creed (2015)

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Creed (2015)

(4 / 5)

The creativity on continuing the Rocky movies without actually involving Rocky as a boxer per se is genius for the movie, #Creed. This actually continues the tradition of boxing rival and friend of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Apollo Creed. As you should know, Apollo got demolished in the ring and died in Rocky 4 by Ivan Drago in an exhibition. Drago used poor Apollo as conditioner for his gloves.

So, how did Apollo have a son we didn’t know about? Easy…he cheated on his wife and the mistress dumped the kid off having him bounce around group homes where he gets into fights. But thank God Claire Huxtable had a heart and decided to adopt the kid into her home. Not many women would care to seek out the children of their cheating hubby’s but Mrs. Creed is Clair freakin’ Huxtable! So, of course, she’s awesome!

Fast forward a bunch of years into the now and Adonis (yes, Apollo) has learned about his father and studies his highlights when he’s not working in the corporate environment, getting raises, and flying to Mexico participating in underground boxing matches. He’s self-taught and has that fire so he decides to talk shit in a boxing ring and get mollywopped by a real champion showing he has some training to do. Quitting his job against his mom’s wishes, Adonis (Johnson) decides to head to Philly to seek out Rocky for some training. Rocky is now fully retired from boxing and owns a restaurant gifted from his former buddy, Paulie. Very reluctant to have anything to do with young Johnson, Rocky gives him some pointers since he’s his old buddy’s kid. Eventually, Rocky relents and starts training Adonis..and that’s when things get really interesting!

The comparisons to the old Rocky flicks in the build-up of Johnson in Philly and how he finally accepts the Creed legacy is really good. Zoe Kravitz looks good as hell and should be on my Hulk Smash list. Her scenes build her up as a new Adriene and Rocky has a fight to battle as he trains young Adonis. This whole build-up will lead to some more Creed movies continuing the Rocky tradition. The updated version of Rocky running into the street followed by kids is more street and the internal struggles of who Adonis is as a Johnson vs. a Creed is something we can all relate to when trying to prove ourselves out of someone else’s shadow.

The ending is excellent and Michael B. Jordan does his thing as Adonis. Expect Sly Stallone to get some Oscar buzz in this film because if he doesn’t, the Academy are morons. Check it out while it’s in theaters so you can get pumped and start wailing on your cousin from being hyped up!

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