Kerry Washington

Posted by The Zodiac | Women I'd Hulk Smash!! | Wednesday 15 May 2013 9:00 am

Name: Kerry Washington

Status: My Gamma Weakness

Occupation: Actress

Why?: You ever look at a person and seem to say “Holy Shit!” although it’s 300th time you’ve seen them.  Yeah…that’s Kerry Washington.  Beautiful, sexy, talented and leading her own popular TV show these days isn’t a bad life for this incredibly Hulk-smashable pile of chocolate bliss!  Good-God!  Now, I have FB fam who always keep the world up-to-date with their Scandal status messages but I really wish some of them would just post photos of Kerry. It’d be a much better FB status and keep the interest of those who don’t give a damn about TV.

I don’t know what Kerry has up her sleeve during the off season, but for now, I have a bed she can share with me while she makes her next deal.  Too bad, it would fail because she’d be in a wheelchair after I was done with her.  That’s just how Hulk’s smash these days…

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