Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

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Mad Max: Fury Road(2015)


So, imagine you ran out of the house, jumped in your car and drove clear across town in order to buy something special with a few of your friends. Once you get there, you have to U-Turn and go back because you forgot your wallet. Mad Max: Fury Road is something like that except on horse steroids, in the middle of something that looks like New Mexico, with bad-ass women with scars and missing limbs; plus you’re a former prisoner with a metal mask on your face and chain around your neck. Oh yeah, and there are savages chasing you in both directions and they all want you dead.

This movie is a non-stop adrenalin rush from start to finish and has everything you want. Old woman with a tattooed face? Check. Ultimate Guitar Hero fanboy who is dedicated to his job under any circumstance? Check. Big women supplying breast milk for the higher-ups? Check. Dwarf in a wheelchair who looks like he’s sleeping all day? Check! What else do you need? Oh yeah…Charlize Theron! Sure, she only has one arm but she’s still hot with her shaved head and under the name Furiosa. She links up with Max, played by Tom Hardy, after he’s captured and (sort of) escapes from the lair of the overlord, Immortan Joe, who looks like a combination of Ric Flair and American Horror Story crazy clown, Twisty. “Escapes” may be misleading. He was attached to the front of a war vehicle like a hood ornament and taken into battle on the drylands as a Mercedes car symbol. Thanks to some savvy thinking, a haboob, and a car accident, he’s freed from his captor…sort of. “Freed” may be misleading. He was handcuffed to his assumingly dead captor and dragged him and the card door till he ran into Furiosa and four fine ladies with scars bathing in water from their war vehicle in the middle of the desert.

After a vicious fight over weapons and more, they all team up in a way to head toward the “Green Place”. Apparently, this is the only place around where something more than dirt exists. Considering Furiosa’s women are the wives of crazy Joe and one of them is pregnant, this leads Joe’s army after them. Thus, the one way drive begins to safety and through other rebels in the drylands. I won’t even tell you about the U-turn. Just know, more ladies are met, a War Boy is redeemed and a lot of people die! But still…you’ll see how Rock n Roll lives on! #guitarhero

Ex Machina (2015)

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Ex Machina (2015)


Man! This was a dope flick! The premise has been done before considering this is an AI movie but they do it in a manner that holds the interest of the viewer in suspense. So, an extremely wealthy business owner throws a contest where a winner is proclaimed on his programming skills inside the company. The winner is shipped out to the owner’s facility which is in the middle of nowhere in some beautiful outback. Inside this facility, the winner, Caleb, meets his boss, Nathan; who looks like American Outfitter-bearded douche. Caleb gets settled and find out why he’s there: to check out Nathan’s new AI robot, Ava and interact with her to determine exactly how “human” she is.

Things get revved up during his week stay where his key card can get into certain rooms. His interactions with Ava range from intellectual to flirtatious. But which one of them is controlling the situation? Under cameras watched in his own private room, Nathan checks in and reviews his subject as they communicate with each other. Then…uh oh!! Power failure! Seems this is happening quite often and Nathan is blinded by them and the discussions that go on between Caleb and Ava.

Meanwhile, Nathan has a BAD ASS non-English-speaking assistant (whom we get to see naked later) named Kyoko played by Sonoya Mizuno. I’ve never heard of this woman but dammit!! If I need to travel in the middle of the world to get her, then where are my hiking boots?! Anyway, her fine slim ass is a highlight as the story progresses and gets deeper. If I go any further into the review, things will get revealed. It’s a slower-paced movie but the ending gets pretty exciting and wishes are fulfilled. Some are trustworthy characters and others aren’t. Check out Ex Machina to find out who is who.