Vanessa Marcil

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Name: Vanessa Marcil

Status: Cajones Deep!

Occupation: Actress

Why?:Vanessa Marcil comes on a soap opera I don’t watch. I’m not sure which one since I’m a One Life To Live man. It’s either before or after and in the commercials, she’s talking to that greasy forever-gangster dude, Sonny. You almost have to pause or at least slow down time to fully grasp how beautiful she is! The hammer would need to be lost in her toolbox, y’know? So, deep, your junk suffocates. No breath. She deserves to be Hulk Smashed with the pure intensity of pouring a gassy planet like Neptune onto the sun. Thrusts comparable to a Hemi engine. Vanessa, matter the time, date, place, or marital status…I’ll be ready! SMASH!!

Stacey Dash

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Name: Stacey Dash

Status: Forever Young

Occupation: Actress

Why?:Why is Stacey Dash still looking like she did in “Clueless”? How is that possible? Sure, she favors the lighter side of the human species, but whenever she’s ready for some dark meat with a mean green phallus, then she will know where the smasheth will originate from. This woman posed for Playboy in her 40’s and men lined up with lotion and Kleenex in tow to flip the pages with their oily fingers. Ahhh!! Tell me she isn’t bad as hell and deserving of smashing with Hulk-like proportions! Tell me!! And if you do…you’re a bad liar.

Monica Bellucci

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Name: Monica Bellucci

Status: Italian Sausage Sucker

Occupation: Actress

Why?:This woman’s been hot forEVER! She was hot in Italian flicks, American flicks, 80s, 90s, and beyond…And I still wouldn’t say “no” to her. Are you crazy?! Who wouldn’t bump Monica Belluci like she was the latest and greatest trend? She’s a nicely-shaped woman with some hips and boobs. Nudity isn’t jack to her and she’s ready to give you a reason to smash Hulk-style. You see Irreversible with the rape scene? I wanted to kill the actor for doing that. In fact, he’s on my shit-list. You don’t do that to Monica. In fact, toss in the director, gaffer, and best boy! I’ll choke the key grip for not stopping the act! If you wanna smash Monica, just BE The Zodiac. Take it and get killed BY The Zodiac..even in the movies! It’s that simple!

Free Download! Zetacide Vol. 1: See No Evil! Available Now!

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The time has come! Download the latest drop from The Zodiac for free! 14 songs available for download in one neat package. The Zodiac’s Zetacide Vol. 1: See No Evil is now available from The Zodiac’s website. You can visit: to get there faster. Free Hip-Hop music continues!

From December 2009 to November 2010, The Zodiac embarked on a mission to record one song per week for one year.¬¨‚Ć After completing this mission, he realized 4 CDs could be produced from the result.¬¨‚Ć Did he once think about selling them?¬¨‚Ć NO!¬¨‚Ć After a decade of weak rap music and the music industry’s involvement of including sub-par rappers who couldn’t string a proper sentence together without the words “swag”, “maybach”, “diamonds”, or “nigga”, The Zodiac wanted to give back…for free!

So, this is one of four free releases to come.  Check back every 15th of every other month for a new Zetacide release.  Send this link out to anyone who you feel loves Hip-Hop and would enjoy it!  Leave some feedback somewhere.

The Zodiac – Zetacide Vol. 2: Hear No Evil (Coming October 15, 2011)
The Zodiac – Zetacide Vol. 3: Speak No Evil (Coming December 15, 2011)
The Zodiac – Zetacide Vol. 4: Evil (Coming February 15, 2012)

The Zodiac Newsletter – 2011/07/12

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NEWSLETTER: 07/12/11

August 15, Download Zetacide Vol. 1 for FREE!!

14 free songs for download in one nice package. Spread the link out to all of your friends and on the 15th, download and play! Free Hip-Hop Music!

Download from:

All Zetacide Album Covers Have Been Revealed!

In the spirit of free music, The Zodiac has promised to release 53 songs done between December 2009 and November 2010 pro bono for download every 2 months beginning August 15!. These are the Zetacide CDs and each is titled:

Zetacide Vol. 1: See No Evil (08/15/2011)
Zetacide Vol. 2: Hear No Evil (10/15/2011)
Zetacide Vol. 3: Speak No Evil (12/15/2011)
Zetacide Vol. 4: Evil (02/15/2012) has Opened!

It’s taken a while but is finally an open website. Check on it often as it will soon fill up with those who stem from The Zodiac in a 6th degree of separation-type site. Anyone who has done something with The Zodiac artistically will be listed first and everyone from there will be listed next. Hopefully, the site will grow into a fully-functional wiki site for underground artists of all genres.

visit for more info

August 2011 Model of the Month Winner: BeatriceJean!

Congratulations to BeatriceJean of Miami, FL for winning the August 2011 Model of the Month. You can view her set by visiting her official Model page:

Are You "Model of the Month" Material?

We’re looking for models who want a little extra exposure and are up for a little competition with their peers. Popularity will dictate the winner but even as a competitor, your profile is popular with Google and other search engines. The submission form is simple to complete and you just submit your photo separately. That’s it. The winner is announced at the end of the month. The most Facebook "Likes" on your profile wins.

Interested? If you are a model or know someone who is, pass this newsletter to them. If selected, referrals get credit on referred model’s profile page.

Submit NOW for September 2011!!

Visit: for more details…

Free Song Download of the Month

I’ve always believed that art should be free and available to the public. This especially goes for music. So, here’s a freebie for you to download and enjoy.

Song: "R.I.P."
From: Zetacide Vol. 1


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Megan Fox

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Name: Megan Fox

Status: Blacklisted Lass!

Occupation: Actress

Why?:Can she act? It’s debatable. Is she fine? Absolutely. Do her thumbs look like toes? No question! Would you smash? Is Cassie a horrible live singer? C’mon son! Her blue eyes contrasting with her dark hair is crazy! Perfect smile and slim frame make for a hottie! But recently, she’s been talking shit about co-stars, hanging out with Brian Austin Green, and pissing people off with her diva attitude. Sucks ’cause the Hulk-Smashing would be well-deserved to get her head straight but Megan may have blacklisted her to Jonah Hex levels. But I know Black List she’s guaranteed to be on… The Zodiac’s Black List of Hulk Smashable Blacklisted Hollywood Divas! You fucked up with Michael Bay, Megan, but not with me.

Garcelle Beauvais

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Name: Garcelle Beauvais

Status: The Veiny Coxx Show
Occupation: Actress

Why?:I had the pleasure to meet Garcelle back in the late 90’s. She was hot then and she’s hot now. She had her son with her and I was just wanting to look at her luscious boobs and succulent butt! She was really friendly too, which made matters worse. Garcelle, I haven’t forgotten, baby! Remember that Jamie Foxx show where Garcelle was his love interest? Well, F**k Jamie Foxx! I loved her more! I’d grow extra veins just to smash harder! Think the Hulk would relent? Well neither would I!

New music from #TheZodiac – ht…

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New music from #TheZodiac